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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Greywater Goes Ultra-Green

Ultra-green homebuilder Sven Thesen wins the Rainbow Water Coalition's greywater gadget award for  good governance with his "cutting-edge eco-designs" in Palo Alto, California. The Palo Alto Patch article  describes his graywater system shown in this photograph "...that allows him to save water from his kitchen sink and use it in his garden. To do that, the water has to be filtered. Thesen’s design calls for a large tank full of redwood chips that he salvaged from a friend’s demolition. Microbes living on the wood chips break down the water to a level safe for irrigation".

Yes, you read that correctly - the dreaded kitchen sink water being reused in his garden! And with a variance from the state plumbing code to boot.

The article is silent on how much the variance cost him, but on the basis of the following information contained in the article, it was probably less than the $90 that Oregon demands for something less sophisticated:

Thesen said that for Palo Alto to approve the design, he had to promise a number of improvements, including a high-level water alarm which will sound if, for example, he left the sink running and it started flooding his yard....For it to be rolled out to the masses, though, Thesen’s pilot test has to be a success. “The city is saying hey, we are promoting people who want to put in place pilot systems,” said Thesen. “We recognize the benefits, we will not say no to putting in systems like this, just give us the data.” 

Earth to Oregon - Phone Sven.
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If local homeowners began widespread adoption of this kind of technology it could help the City meet its aggressive carbon reduction goals while reducing the impact on the water treatment plant.
~Sven Thesen, Ultra-Green Homebuilder 

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  1. Being involve for such green movements is being responsible for mother earth. We should always be thankful for all the things that was given to us by God and in return let's do our part in taking care for all of this things.