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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rainbows and Gaywater

No, not a typo, and not new news. WaterWired posted on the notion of the apparent relationship between elevated strontium in drinking water in a small town in Peru and "gayness". It interested the Rainbow Water Coalition that the Deccan Chronicle ran the article long ago, too. The World Health Organization does not say much about strontium in drinking water except that it interferes with bone mineralization in the developing skeleton. But it is just another example of excluding some water from a community's water portfolio from inclusion to protect the public from a perceived "threat".

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni's opinion piece titled Excluded From Inclusion alluded to the same issue at the Republican Convention. Careful examination of the photo shows a "Waldo-like" individual in the middle of a "sea of grey" faces. (note to New York Times - yes, the photo is from his column, so apologies for any apparent copyright infringement, but it makes a good point for this posting - I will take it down if you want).

The allegory to greywater within the spectrum of the other colors of water was simply too good to pass up.

"On the convention stage in Tampa, where estrogen was platinum and melanin was gold, Republicans spoke eloquently about a country that valued every person’s worth and was poised to reward each person’s dreams. Those words would have carried much more weight if coupled with even a glancing recognition of gay and lesbian Americans".

The Rainbow Water Coalition is, among many things, a gay- and gray-friendly blog and selected the rainbow logo not necessarily in solidarity with the GLBT community, but rather due to the symbolism of diversity that the Wiphala adopted by the Incans in Cuzco provides. While this posting here and here described some of the confusion between the rainbow flag and the Cuzco Wiphala, it is interesting to note that the gaywater situation and the use of the seven rainbow colors in the Wiphala appear to be exclusively Peruvian.

Peruvian-born American best-selling author Carlos Castaneda once said “Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn't, it is of no use.

The State of Wisconsin provides some information on the safety of strontium in this fact sheet, indicating that ..."Air, dust, soil, foods and drinking water all contain traces of strontium.  Ingestion of small amounts of strontium is not harmful". The apparent lack of connection between strontium and gaywater is apparently consistent with the stance of Republican contender and Wisconsinite Paul Ryan on gay rights in the workplace (he voted for the Sexual Orientation Employment Nondiscrimination Act) but he takes exception for same-sex marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples. Remember, Wisconsin had a hate-love relationship with graywater, and perhaps this relationship might change for "gaywater", too, as the presidential campaign moves forward in Wisconsin and beyond.

So far it appears to be a nasty race.
* * *
But the reality is that graywater gets nasty 
faster than Jenna Jameson on ecstasy. 

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