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Monday, October 29, 2012

Great Greywater Thinkers Converge

Thanks to former student D. Williams for this tip on a not-to-be-missed conference on California Greywater to be held in Yosemite on November 15-16, 2012. The agenda lists the *who's who* of greywater, including Art Ludwig (Oasis Design), Laura Allen (Greywater Action), and Leigh Jerrad (Greywater Corps). And it looks like the introduction of yet another great greywater thesis on Greywater Reuse in the Bay Area by Javier Amaro.

Wish I was invited so I could give an update on greywater convergence in Oregon.
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I was a very early believer in the idea of convergence. 
~Former CEO of Vivendi Jean-Marie Messier  

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  1. I'm just curious as to why I never hear of these types of events here on the east coast! D. Williams