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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Culture and Cleanliness of Greywater

A new report on A Framework for Reducing Water Demand in Multi-Storey and Detached Dwelling in the United Arab Emirates described in this article titled "Going grey can help ease UAE's water woes" in The National welcomes yet another country to the Greywater Global Community. The article has many important facts and figures regarding water use and time periods estimated for returns on investments.

But the most interesting topic that has yet to be discussed on the use and reuse of greywater focuses on cultural issues"...
related to the perceptions of clean and dirty water".

"Being Muslim and dealing with wastewater may not be considered clean, even after it is treated. It is a challenge....
If we do want treatment, that brings some health and safety issues and social issues with regards to the culture and cleanliness".

The culture of greywater is not a new topic to the Rainbow Water Coalition as the water footprint of prayer has been previously posted here.

UAE is no newcomer to developing innovative ideas to save water. Consider this article in The National describing the ambitious and expensive efforts to increase water security through aquifer storage and recovery of desalinated water stored in depleted aquifers.
The Rainbow Water Coalition initial interaction with the water visionaries of the UAE was at the Water Security workshop hosted by my colleagues and friends Drs. Mark Zeitoun and Naho Mirumachi where one of my classmates was an engineer from UAE. On the basis of my interaction with them at the workshop, coupled with the water news from the UAE over the past year, the water world could learn much from the Gulf states.
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Water is a strategic commodity on a par with oil - 
maybe even more important 
~Mohammed Tayie, 
a hydropolitical expert from the University of Cairo

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