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Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Grey(t) Student Graywater Projects

Recalling the many postings on great greywater student projects profiled here, here, here, and here, comes this article in phillyburbs.com titled "Willingboro students show ingenuity at first science fair" describing the tense competition in Mount Laurel, Pennsylvania.

But not all of the news is good for greywater, and it is still not certain where PA stands within the Greywater Nation regarding statewide programs. Clearly, multiple working hypotheses important to all scientific work operates in the greywater arena, too.

Joyce Ijalana, Naviaye Anthony and Melodi Clark, third-graders at the J.C. Stuart School, conducted experiments to determine if recycled water, known as gray water, could be used on plants. Using a series of photos of plants watered by recycled water and tap water as evidence, they found that the potted plants grew much better with tap water.

“In science, we were working on land and recycling, and we thought we should combine what we were learning in class (with our project),” Joyce said.

The three girls were excited to win first place for their grade level.

All winners will compete in the local countywide science fair.
* * *
Gray water can be bad for the environment
~Naviaye Anthony, third-grader at the J.C. Stuart School

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