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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rescuing Greywater Comes with a Cost

Recalling this posting where Greywater Corps came to the rescue of southern California greywater, this article titled *Simplified Greywater Permits Debut in Los Angeles* in River Notes reported by KCET provides an important update on the California greywater program:

The permit costs $104 plus surcharges to check the plans and $79 plus surcharges for inspection.

The State of Oregon charges $90, plus a $40 per year *annual compliance fee* UNLESS an annual report is submitted by January 15 of each year. While the permit fees look comparable in price, there are no inspection surcharges because there is no inspection in Oregon.

The Rainbow Water Coalition submitted their annual report to DEQ this week to continue the grand experiment of greywater reuse in the recycling capital of Greywater Nation - Cascadia.
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