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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Greywater Grows World’s First Vertical Forest

(Photo : www.stefanoboeriarchitetti.net)
Bosco Verticale is to be the
world’s first vertical forest
It has been awhile since the Rainbow Water Coalition posted on Living Buildings, so here is a quick  update. Design & Trend profiled this unusual building located in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy. 

Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) is a project designed to reforest the urban area without breaking the city fabric. The project is the effort to bring nature into the city in a vertical model. Designed by Boeri Studio, Bosco Verticale consisted of two residential towers of 110 and 76 meters height in the center of Milan. The building will also host 900 trees together with a variety of shrubs and floral plants.

Viewed as an eco-sustainable project, Bosco Verticale helps upgrade living quality and save energy by its ability to produce humidity, oxygen and to filter air pollution through the diversity of plants. In addition, the project includes plant irrigation that allows reuse of grey water produced by the building.

Next, the Bullitt Center located in Seattle, Washington is slated to be 100% solar-powered according to  this article in Energy Matters.

In addition to harvesting rainwater, grey water from sinks and showers in the building will be filtered  through a green roof. Phoenix Composting Toilets will send waste down into one of the 10 composters located in the basement of the building. 

It looks like the once unique, but ill-fated, Oregon Sustainability Center has been left on the wrong side of the street.
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Look, you work your side of the street, and I'll work mine.   
~Actor Steve McQueen as Bullitt

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  1. This is simply amazing. I had no idea such a thing existed. I would love to see the building, but also to know how they will maintain soils. It looks like an expensive project, but one well worth it for the services provided. I hope we see much more of these structures in the future.