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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Canadian Greywater Counterrevolution

Tartan of Alberta
The Edmonton Journal reports that Resource Recovery Centre at the University of Alberta say enough is enough. They say the current large-scale centralized wastewater treatment systems are "...typically the most expensive and polluting of all options...” and "...that not all water needs to be uniformly treated because a vast majority of treated water will be used for largely non-potable purposes..."

Their new approach:

  • Separate toilet and kitchen water at the source - leaving greywater from other lines in a house, like laundry, shower and bathroom sink, for local treatment and reuse;
  • Use an anaerobic digester to create methane directly from the toilet and kitchen water that can be burnt for combined heat and electricity production within the community;
  • Transform the liquid from the residual *blackwater* into a second resource — an ammonium-phosphate compound called struvite that returns nutrients as a fertilizer for agricultural production;
  • Treat greywater at the building or community level instead of community sewage being pumped to and from large centralized treatment plants - saving construction and maintenance costs; and
  • Treated greywater is used for toilet flushing, clothes washing and garden irrigation. 

Oregon could learn much from The Canadian Way.

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