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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Life Plus 2 Meters

The ever edgy, frequently flippant, bureaucratic bustin', and the common persons' consultant to common pool resources David Zetland started a new blogging project on what life might look like post two meters in sea level rise associated with the changing Earth.

Professor Zetland is posting two visions per week at the site.

The Rainbow Water Coalition offered the crazy notion of "expanding" the boundaries of the common pool resource of groundwater - offshore.

It is not so far fetched if one considers the "price" of a typical offshore drilling project approaching $100M versus the $300M desalination project and the associated groundwater replenishment project under consideration in Monterey, CA.

Join the fun.
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"I feel confident imposing change on myself. 
It's a lot more fun progressing than looking back. 
That's why I need to throw curve balls." 
~David Bowie


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  2. Sorry sir, but the best answer I believe is to conserve and not waste water. The US average consumption is 100 gallons and what for? People need to look ahead to future generations and act accordingly. Until then, I shutter to think about it.

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