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Monday, August 14, 2017

Tesla of Water Systems

WaterSprout Inc., a SF Bay Area design/build firm specializing in rainwater & greywater systems, launches packaged systems to Southern California market with WaterLab, its product division. Launching WaterLab products to a wider audience allows this innovative technology to create a more powerful impact as part of a water-wise future.

It has been awhile since the RWC profiled a *greywater gadget*, so in this press release, WaterSprout proclaims “There are far too many products out that don’t work well. People need systems they can trust, are guaranteed to save water, and stand the test of time. This is what we have done with WaterLab.”

Advertised as the "Tesla of Water Systems", the Smart Greywater System collects greywater from a house or building and supplies filtered greywater to the landscape drip irrigation system. A complete solution for the water-wise landscape, the system can save tens of thousands of gallons a year! The Smart Greywater System is easy to install and is ideal for renovation or new construction projects. 

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The newspapers of the twenty-first century will give a mere 'stick' in the back pages to accounts of crime or political controversies, but will headline on the front pages 
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~Nikola Tesla

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