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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Water Clubs

Meeting the *thirst* for water knowledge using a club? You bet! Check out this blog posting on a groundwater club in Kenya.

Maji  (water ​in Swahili) ​clubs at 3 ​secondary ​schools within ​the Gro for ​GooD study area ​are proving to ​be an effective ​outreach ​mechanism for ​the groundwater ​research ​project. Almost ​100 students ​are involved ​and over half ​of them are ​girls. ​

The focus is ​on learning ​through ​activities, ​which have ​included hands-​on sessions ​about ​groundwater ​recharge, ​storage and ​pollution ​using ​aquifer kits; ​practical ​experiments ​using ​water quality ​tests to ​demonstrate ​simple water ​filters and ​safe water ​storage; ​installing and ​gathering data ​from rain ​gauges; and ​field trips to ​see industrial ​water use and ​borehole ​drilling. ​

There are many student groups at universities, such as the Hydrophiles, at Oregon State University where I work. But scaling this concept to secondary schools is even better. Why? Let's rely on the quote of the day to answer this question.
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“I am so ​eager to know ​how that water ​from the river ​may reach ​nearer where we ​can easily get ​it. Reason ​being that from ​our homes to ​the river is ​quite a long ​distance and it ​usually takes ​us almost a ​whole day ​looking for the ​water. Which is ​time wasting ​and also ​tiresome.”​ Jackline K. ​

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