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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Greywater Gets Legoed

Congratulations to the *3B*s for their greywater reuse project constructed using LEGO robotics. This article in BayToday provides all of the constructive details of the competition with this year's theme focusing on hydrodynamics!

“We’ve made a greywater reuse system to flush toilets and it can use any source of grey water,” Rory and Katelyn said, two of the six members of the all-girls team. “These sources include dishwasher, bath, shower, washing machine, sump pump and rain barrels and you can use any of them.”

Just another of the many grey(t) school projects tracked by the Rainbow Water Coalition.
* * * 
“When Ole Kirk Kristiansen established the company name LEGO in 1934, it was a fortunate play on words. The entrepreneur had been inspired by the Danish phrase "leg godt" - "play well." He took the beginning of each respective word and made what he considered to be a pleasant-sounding, imaginary word out of them. The company owner was unaware that as the first person present singular of the verb legere, "lego" is also the Latin word for "I assemble" - and therefore completely appropriate for the modularity of the company's later invention, the LEGO brick.” 
~ Christian Humberg, 50 Years of the Lego Brick [With 6 Legos]

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