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Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Loaded on Greywater

The Oregon DEQ Graywater Advisory Committee is meeting for the third time on February 11 in Salem, Oregon.  The agenda can be viewed above. Greywater is becoming quite the topic du jour, with an invitation to speak at the annual Oregon Soil Science Society meeting at McMenamins Edgefield (if you have not visited the McMenamins in Oregon, you will find the funkiest brewpubs, wineries, hotels, restaurants on the planet).  The Oregon Section of the American Water Resources Association also invited me to speak at their monthly meeting in March at La Margarita as outlined in the attached flyer. Plenty of opportunities to get loaded up on up-to-date information on the greywater situation in Oregon, or get loaded up on some of the best Mexican food, Pinot Noir, and microbrews in the Willamette Valley. Hope to see Governor Sonny Perdue at one of the events given Georgia's new interest in conserving water. " I believe Georgia should aspire to nothing less than greatness. And I believe greatness is within our grasp." -- Sonny Perdue

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