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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purplewater on Par for Sustainable Sports

Sustainable sports is big business. Look no further than the Olympics where Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail reported that the efforts to make the athletes housing for the 2010 Winter Olympics sustainable (including greywater reuse) created significant cost overruns, which Vancouver hopes to recoup after the Games are over due to the "afterglow".  

In this article,  "ferociously upscale" St. Andrews Country Club of Boca Raton is doing the unthinkable for a high end golf course - recycling. Yes, perhaps in a conciliatory gesture to neighboring water foe Georgia which recently announced their own plan to use greywater as part of their water portfolio, the plan is to treat wastewater up to federal standards for irrigation use.

My discussions with local water wonks in the Corvallis area indicate that the Trysting Tree Golf Course, home of the OSU Beavers golf team, is not interested in using recycled water for the links due to public perception of reusing water - how ironic is that given Oregon's "green" reputation, and more importantly, hosting a team which boasts being in the "Top 25" of green campuses in 2009. But what happens when you mix the colors "purple and green"?  You get the "blue" color shown as the background in this photo. Come on Trysting Tree, be a supporter of bluewater by leaving it in the Willamette River for our friends, the salmon.  Go Green with the Beavs. Use Corvallis's wastewater for the course. 

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