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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Say it ain't so, Sonny

According to this article, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue introduced the Georgia Water Stewardship Act of 2010 today which included greywater as part of the state water conservation portfolio.  If the state follows through with this very important legislation, Georgia will be the first southeastern state to embrace greywater reuse (I am not including Texas in the southeast, but rather part of the "west" since they already have a greywater program). Georgia is not new to the water challenged arena as expertly outlined by many posts on WaterWired.  They have seen the big picture by having Rep. John Linder (R-Ga.) serve as one of the leaders of the Congressional Water Caucus.  The Rainbow Water Coalition applauds Governor Perdue for joining the ranks of the western states in supporting the diversity in the color of water.  Let's hope Alabama, Florida and Tennessee follow suit soon in order to settle some of the many  suits of no return.

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