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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oregon Greywater Festival

The six month long rainy season has not left those of us in the Willamette Valley yet, so celebrate the gray skies by hanging out with the elite water resources professionals of the American Water Resources Association, Oregon Chapter on the evening of March 10 in Salem (many different colors of water will be represented).

A sneak preview of my presentation can be found in the sidebar.  Paul James from Just Water Savers USA, recently relocated to Eugene, Oregon, called me last night to indicate that he will not only attend the AWRA meeting, but also will show off his equipment at the Graywater Advisory Committee meeting in Eugene on March 11.  It is my understanding that he might also try to set up a demonstration project at the Food Co-op (south store) in Corvallis in conjunction with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.

Gray skies are gonna clear up....

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