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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greywater at Fallingwater

Canadian Architect magazine reports that Patkau Architects of Vancouver, BC "...won the design competiion for on-site cottages that will support residential educational programming at the Frank Lloyd Wright masterwork in Fayette County, Pennsylvania".  The article goes on to say that "The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which preserves and maintains Fallingwater, will build the cottages on the grounds of the 5,000-acre Bear Run Nature Reserve that surrounds Fallingwater, some distance from the house itself"...."In addition to using environmentally friendly building materials, the firms’ designs took advantage of natural heating and cooling opportunities to minimize environmental impacts. Each included a basic kitchen, fireplace and shower, and incorporated recycling of kitchen and grey water for use in toilets".

I guess Pennsylvania better get busy with developing their greywater rules, and it sounds like they might be a kitchensink state!

Maybe they could consider the Greywater Gadget of the Week, the HydroCyc system, which won the Waterwise Marque award.

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