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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Greywater & Good Fortune

A visit to a Salem global resturant provided a fortune cookie with the message shown in the picture. The Rainbow Water Coalition and focus on the seemingly arcane subject of greywater has survived five months, 50 postings, visits from greywater fans in 56 countries, and 1,750 visits.

The "treasures" I have received from this blog and participating in the Oregon "experience" in graywater, albeit brief, have been manifold, ranging from new friends in Australia, learning about some amazing water reuse equipment, an introduction to reality TV that focuses on greywater, to a huge amount of lecture material for the class in Water Governance and Conflict Management that I teach with Dr. Aaron Wolf (shill alert: Dr. Wolf and I offer the class face-to-face this June and I offer the online version in the fall).

Thanks to WaterWired for encouraging me to move into the blogosphere, and to all the visitors and followers. Here's hoping that some of the water that you use each day be some shade of grey.

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