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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greywater, Fluoride, and Political Melodramas

I am teaching a week-long intensive course on water governance and conflict transformation this week. We addressed greywater as the emerging trend in water and public health related conflicts. We also discussed this new book on a comparable topic - the addition of fluoride in public drinking water. Groundwater hydrologist and author Allen Freeze has recently published "The Fluoride Wars: How a Modest Public Health Measure Became America's Longest Running Political Melodrama". The parallels between greywater and fluoride could not be more exact. If Allen Freeze sounds familiar, it is more than likely due to his timeless book "Groundwater", a textbook that is still in use today despite being published nearly 30 years ago. Read Fluoride Wars and his other book "The Environmental Pendulum; A Quest for the Truth about Toxic Chemicals, Human Health, and Environmental Protection" for the rest of the story.


  1. Why should anyone trust the government, on this or anything else? Just look how they are mismanaging the BP oil spill.

  2. For a libertarian perspective, check out this 1993 article by Murray Rothbard, the late dean of the Austrian School of economics:

  3. TWR: Thanks for your comments. The Rothbard article is interesting and I appreciate your sharing since I am reading The Fluoride Wars. Read The Environmental Pendulum sometime - you won't be disappointed. I appreciate your visits to the Rainbow Water Coalition.