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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greywater Signage

The last word I heard from the Oregon Graywater Advisory Committee regarding "permitting" the public  to use greywater was to have signage. No surprise, the clever Australians beat US to the punch again with this sign from "Gifts for Blokes" featured as the Greywater Gadget of the Week. Damn! Another lost opportunity for The Oregon Way!


  1. Signage?! on a private residence?!! WTF?

  2. OWT: Yes, more than likely designed to accommodate the *protect the public from itself* paradigm.

  3. Actually, the reason for the signage is to prevent water rage.

    During an extensive drought, and severe rationing, watering the garden is very politically incorrect, to the point there have been assaults on the sidewalk / front garden.

    So the signs explain why the garden is so green when neighbors gardens are brown. Also common are 'tank water in use' signs. However it is not unkown for people to fill their tank with potable water and claim it is rainwater. Greywater re-use is seen as a badge of honor :)

    Nothing to do with protecting the public.