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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Worms Waste Greywater

Many of the Greywater Gadgets of the Week have focused on "manufactured" greywater treatment. But what about "natural" treatment (beyond the soil which has been found to be very effective, but frequently ignored because it is contrary to the conventional wisdom of those gainfully employed in the wastewater industry). Leave it to those clever Australians to develop and market yet another way to treat greywater - worm farms. And the opportunities for Do It Yourselfers are unlimited. Check out this blog where step-by-step instructions are laid out, including this follow-up to how effective the worms are in treating kitchensink wastewater!


  1. Cool stuff. Just don't dis all those folks working in with septic systems, they use soil 100% of the time to help with wastewater treatment.

  2. OWT: Good point.

    My reference to the soil issue reflects back on this posting on septic tanks and soil and "Ludwig's Law":


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