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Friday, August 20, 2010

Get Rich Quick from Greywater Gadgets

The water reuse market is huge and getting larger each year. Check out this article in SBI Energy, a division of MarketResearch.com headlined "Market for Water Recycling & Reuse Technologies to Reach $57 Billion in 2015 as Global Demand Intensifies"...."Within the four main types of water treatment solutions -- membrane systems, multimedia filtration systems, carbon filtration systems and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems -- membrane systems are currently commanding 70% market share. "Decreasing costs associated with membrane technology combined with technological advancements have broadened the ease and scope of applications within the sector," says SBI Energy Publisher Shelley Carr.

OK, I agree these projections don't necessarily reflect the market for Hughies, Greywater Used Here *warning* signs, and the many other creative Greywater Gadgets of the Week on the Rainbow Water Coalition. But it does reflect that water reuse is probably here to stay.

And it also means that folks like Leigh Jerrard will be busy for some time to come with their great workshops. Here are the details for an upcoming workshop by the greywater *rambos* at Greywater Corps:

Greywater Corps will be teaching a two-part greywater seminar and workshop on September 18 and 25.  The seminar will be organized in a two-part format; the first meeting will cover greywater theory and practice, with special attention paid to simple residential systems.  The second meeting will be a hands-on workshop in which attendees will design and install a working laundry-to-landscape system at a house in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Meeting #1 – Saturday, September 18, 9am to 12pm

  • Brief introduction to California’s water infrastructure and politics
  • What is Greywater?  
  • Benefits and drawbacks of greywater reuse
  • Legal and Permitting Issues
  • Health and Soil considerations
  • Simple Greywater Systems, like:

Drain Out Back
Movable Drain
Laundry Drum
Branched Drain
Pumped Systems

Meeting #2 – Saturday, September 25, 9am to 2pm

  • Hands-on Greywater System Installation (Laundry-to-Landscape System)

No prior construction experience is necessary.  Participants will be expected to help with simple PVC plumbing, drilling, cutting, and digging; please bring appropriate clothing.

Cost of the seminar is $80 per person; enrollment is limited to 15 people.  Early registration is recommended since the class is expected to fill up.  To sign up go to here 

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