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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Greywater and How Stuff Works

The Discovery Company runs a series on How Stuff Works, and surprise! The boring topic of greywater reclamation makes their series. This is a great one, with many facts on *how it is done*, along with a comprehensive reference list (although I did not see the AWWA Whitepaper on Greywater listed). So far, greywater has made the rounds, being a topic of discussion in Hollywood, a South African Reality TV series, a Google Tech Talk, GOOD magazine, and now the Discovery Company.

The only thing left for greywater? How about making it a campaign issue for Oregon's gubernatorial race between former basketball star Chris Dudley (R) and former governor Dr. John Kitzhaber (D)? Might make a good City Club debate topic to see how their "stuff" works when on the hotseat.

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