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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spirituality and Greywater

One often hears about the *dangers* associated with greywater reuse and the importance of protecting the public to protect one's paycheck. Beyond reusing greywater to save water, are there spiritual values associated with greywater? According to this book on Greywater Reuse in the Middle East, greywater fills a spiritual role; but documentation in the west is less certain - until now.

Consider the photograph to the right. This once feral cat locally known as *kb* now calls this greywater refuge home. *kb* fiercely guards the area from trespassing cats; dogs seem to have a free pass through the area. This experimental plot for greywater reuse also has lead to many comments on the size of the flowers at this time of year and inquiries on where to purchase the *warning* signs. Yes, greywater reuse builds community and apparently tames wild beasts.

Can a greywater reuse system also provide a refuge from the stresses of everyday life? This Greywater Gadget of the Week was found in Gizmodo - the In-bathroom wetland ecosystem.

"The bathroom concept design uses a process called phyto-purification to recycle and regenerate the soapy, dirty water from your shower. The H2O is first filtered through sand for a rough cleaning, then through the reeds’ roots to remove bacteria and heavy metals. As a bonus, the cattails look like they’d make a nice natural exfoliator for hard to reach places".

Water in all of its forms and colors has spiritual value. Reuse it wisely.

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