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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Get a Greywater Ph.D.

The Tucson Citizen announced that the non-profit organization, Watershed Management Group, is providing the opportunity to get smart on greywater and other water harvesting methods over a period of about nine days for about $1,000.  It is "...the only course in the nation that provides a comprehensive, hands-on training program to green professionals seeking education in design and implementation of water harvesting systems. Emphasizing integrated and sustainable design, WMG’s Water Harvesting Certification program teaches architects, landscapers, planners, entrepreneurs, educators, and community organizers how to retrofit residential and commercial sites with greywater systems, water harvesting earthworks, appropriate plants, and cisterns. This intensive course blends both informational lectures and hands-on workshop practice, with over 30 hours of field experience to apply the theories covered in class. Graduates of the course become Certified Water Harvesting practitioners, a formal acknowledgement of their mastery of the essential core concepts of water harvesting, and a testament to their ability to perform this work in a professional capacity.

Careful examination of the listing of graduates reveals a broad geographic spectrum of practitioners. None from Oregon, but that comes as no surprise as the recommendations by the Graywater Advisory Committee have not been finalized for submission to the Environmental Quality Council followed by the yearlong rule writing by Oregon DEQ. The new paradigm for the water business is transdisciplinarity, so go get the "Greywater Ph.D." to round out your credentials. Lots of good dates to be in Tucson, too; the wise attendees might also connect the Feb. training with the world famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show:

Fall 2010, Tucson, AZ - 9-day intensive course, Nov. 12-21
Winter 2011, Tucson, AZ – Feb. 4-6, Feb. 11-13, Feb. 19-20, Feb. 26
Spring 2011, Phoenix, AZ – Mar. 18-20, Mar. 25-27, Apr. 1-3, Apr. 9
Spring 2011, Tucson, AZ – 9-day intensive course, Apr. 29-May 8

There always seems to be a rainbow over Tucson.


  1. Thanks for the recognition of WMG, Todd. I may be a bit biased (as one of their board members), but I took that position because I'm very impressed with the work they do. They are a fantastic, dedicated bunch who are trying to make Tucson a better place one neighborhood/house at a time. And with the certification program you noted they are working on spreading those ideas far and wide.

  2. Great to hear from you, Chris. I know Dustin Garrett who is on one of the WMG Boards, so with the two of you giving advice, WMG must be a good outfit to be associated with. I am seriously exploring the November training, so if I make it to Tucson, I will try to look you up. Thanks for reading.