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Friday, October 15, 2010

Greywater Action Blog - Greywater Gadgetry

October 15 - Blog Action Day for Water. Many of the blogging today for water will more than likely focus on some of the realities of the lack of water and sanitation across the world. The call to action petition can be found in the sidebar. I won't repeat any of the gory details - you probably already know the situation is dire if you are even remotely interested in greywater.

So reusing greywater might not only free up water for fish and other living things that we consider worthy for investing our hard-earned tax dollars under the guise of *restoration*, but also might conserve water for drinking water since drinking water is used to flush toilets in many advantaged countries.

A tip of the hat then goes to this Greywater Gadget of the Week which won a large cash prize. The Business Index.com reports that a University of Manchester spin-out has developed a chemical-free way of recycling domestic greywater and won an £100,000 prize to help develop it's technology. Arvia Technology secured the cash after winning the Competition for Disruptive Solutions - a competition run by the Technology Strategy Board.
  • The process uses in situ regeneration of an inert, non-toxic carbon media (Nyex™)
  • Pollutants are removed from the process stream and destroyed leaving no secondary waste requiring further treatment
  • Controlled venting allows safe discharge of the small volumes of gaseous by-products generated
  • Modular design can be scaled for all treatment requirements

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