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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Greywater & Pacific Institute

The Pacific Institute, brainchild of MacArthur Fellow Dr. Peter Gleick, releases their Overview of  Greywater Reuse. Greywater is now up there with Bottled Water in terms of attention by the water world when the Pacific Institute looks into an issue. Lots of good information, but the section on *Moving Forward* is worth a close look. In particular, these topics fit well with the recent postings.

Create an international “Greywater Organization”
"It could also work to improve public perception of greywater, for instance by developing voluntary standards for greywater treatment technologies".

Expand greywater education and outreach
"Better public information and awareness of the opportunities, benefits and risks associated with greywater will be necessary to expand greywater reuse. Public perception of greywater as unsafe for reuse, or uncertainty around how to safely reuse greywater, is a major challenge for its increased use".

I hope the topic makes its way to their World's Water series since I use these books in my classes.

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