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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Greenie Greywater Gadget

While snooping around for new news on greywater, I stumbled across this article in Discovery News. It had the usual suspects interviewed in the article with the Pacific Institute discussing their recent report and Laura Allen of Greywater Action. It is a good piece. But the *new* news was buried in the comments. Where someone indicated that "The only IAPMO U.S. manufactured greywater re-use system is Water Legacy's WL55.  Manufactured in Colorado this product will recycle your greywater (from shower or washing machine) and filter it, store it, and then disinfect it before it is pumped to your toilet to flush". As someone from Wyoming, anyone from Colorado was called a *greenie* which referenced their old automobile license plates that were green and white with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

From their website: "The Water Legacy WL-55 has been designed to service the typical single family home. It is a stand-alone fully integrated system that collects used bathing greywater, filters & disinfects this water, and manages the automatic supply to the toilets.

The WL-55 is fully automatic and requires no operator intervention. In the event of insufficient Greywater for flushing of toilets, the WL-55 will complement with Fresh Water".

Interesting. A greywater gadget NOT manufactured by the clever Australians. I will be interested to hear their comments on this gadget.

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