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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greywater Gets Another Good Grade

Universities across the globe are integrating greywater systems into their infrastructure at a pretty good pace as inventoried by The Rainbow Water Coalition (just type in *university* in the search engine below for some perspective). The latest is Bridgewater State University's Marshall Conant Science Building in Bridgewater, MA. According to this press release, the Bridgewater State University system is "designed to treat rainwater collected from roof leaders, the greywater is required to be filtered and disinfected with chlorine prior to being used for non-potable use in the building. The system is composed of the following equipment: (1)-Bag strainer, (2) feed pumps, (2) bag filters, (1) chlorine feeder, (1) chlorine analyzers, (1) flow meter, (1) expansion tank , (1) Dye Addition metering pump, (1) Operator Interface terminal, (1) Allen Bradley PLC, and (1) main control panel".

Oregon has been experiencing what could be described as a Noachian Deluge of rain over the past few days, breaking all sorts of records. With these treatment systems scattered across the Willamette Valley, many of the areas with document groundwater depletion could have been replenished with managed recharge. Break out the vitamin D, folks. It looks like we are in this climate change situation for the long haul this year.

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