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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Achtung - Great New German Greywater Gadget

Germany-based Hansgrohe, designer and manufacturer of innovative bathroom fixtures, is now in the greywater gadget game, and big time. Check out this trendy video introducing Hansgrohe's Pontos: Recycling Grey Water System for Double Use  

Compact water recycling systems are now available for commercial or residential applications with Hansgrohe’s Pontos AquaCycle. The product range includes systems with a reprocessing capacity of between 237 to 3,300 gallons of water per day, giving AquaCycle systems the adaptability to work in projects ranging from apartment complexes to hotels. The roughly cabinet-sized basic model cleans domestic shower and bath water naturally using an organic, non-threatening biological technique. The hygienically clean water, or gray water, can then be used to do the laundry, water the garden, clean the house and flush the toilet. 
Pontos Aquacycle is not yet available in the US and will probably never be available in Oregon because the greywater could be *discharged* at the ground surface instead of underground as shown in the video.

Hansgrohe has many other EcoRight water saving products, too.  

Greywater was a star in Italy, Australia, Germany and Japan before the Americans ever paid attention at all. 
- Apologies to Nancy Sinatra

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