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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Fifteen Greywater Gadgets

The Rainbow Water Coalition is now up to 160 postings, a far cry from blog junkies WaterWired and Aguanomics, but they have been at it a little longer, their portfolio of topics is far reaching, and I was inspired by their ability to *recycle* old postings in the form of *Flashbacks*.

Out of the 160 postings, 32 postings have profiled graywater gadgets of some form or another - some very expensive (in the thousands of dollars), most from the clever Australians, and a few *home grown*. I tried looking up what the global greywater gadget market might be, but was unable to come up with a value. But the fact that Cyprus recently got into the game with the Hydranos  CYPROBELL® tells me that the greywater game is not pocket change.

In no particular order, the Rainbow Water Coalition Top 15 Greywater Gadgets.

The Puralytics Shield. A home-grown device developed in Oregon that incorporates the latest advances in nanotechnology and semiconductor LEDs to treat greywater. A good investment for The Oregon Way.

The Hughie Sink. The *Water Wonder from Down Under*. If you don't own one of these Australian devices, you are not really into water reuse. A Rainbow Water Coalition favorite for many reasons, but most inportantly, check out the awesome color options. A shout-out to Ian and his team for sending me a sampler pack.

Greywater Signage. Another Australian wonder. Meets and exceeds Oregon's Graywater Advisory Committee guidelines for posting. Very well made, and should withstand the Wyoming sign *target practice* test.

EULO Kitchensink. Source of Opalescentwater. Another Australian original. Should be standard equipment for any McMansion with granite kitchen counter tops.

JustWaterSaversUSA IrriGRAY Dripper Lines. Paul James and crew make the best. As a two-fer, check out his *Greatest Greywater Garden Manual* ever produced, featuring none other than the Rainbow Water Coalition *Geography of Graywater* map. (Hint to Paul - with Oklahoma on board with Vespawater, the map in your manual needs updating).

Oasis Design Laundary-to-Landscape Book and DVD. Fifth edition by the Greywater Guru himself, Art Ludwig. The fact that the State of Wyoming references this book in their education and outreach materials is testimony to making an impact, because the folks in Wyoming really don't care what other people think about what they do in Wyoming.

AQUS Greywater System by Sloan Valve Co. voted in the Top 10 Green Building Products for 2010 by Green Building Pro.

Gagnon Greywater *Mining* Gadget - Do it yourself heat recovery system at its finest. May be the best way to dodge the $50 Oregon greywater reuse tax.

Eco-Urinal by Yanko Design. It doesn't get much easier than this.

Hansgrohe’s Pontos AquaCycle. A German product that "...cleans domestic shower and bath water naturally using an organic, non-threatening biological technique". Lots of other EcoRight products, too.

Ozzi Kleen winner of the coveted Froggie award in Australia.

Ekokook Kitchen designed by an innovative and trendy French product design squad. No idea on price, but who cares - it is from France!

The Envirosink is a scary device that attaches to the kitchensink, to do the unthinkable in Oregon - recycle the kitchensink water. Regardless of the FUDing about the kitchensink, this product is a winner.

Ecoplay, now helping the UK with water shortages since it is the third most water-stressed country in Europe. Who knew? Also an important part of greywater literacy.

Rainbow Water Coalition Hat, a limited edition bonnet designed to show one's pride in the diversity in the colors of water (as well as the colors of carbon, waste, and data). Contact the Rainbow Water Coalition, if interested.  

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