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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top Greywater Manuals and Guides

With Oregon's Graywater Rules making the news, and the Oregon DEQ searching for ways to *invest* the $50 annual tax fee for Tier One permits, perhaps it is time to develop the education materials that the Graywater Advisory Committee once discussed, but dismissed. In no particular order, and not necessarily complete, some of the readily available guides and manuals to start turning *grey to green*.

City of San Franscisco - Laura Allen of Greywater Action helped the City of San Francisco with their manual (14MB) that was completed this year.  Pretty remarkable document. Goes well with Laura's GoogleTech video.

JustWaterSaversUSA - Paul James Greatest Greywater Gardening Guide. Stories from the front lines of greywater irrigation, and truly the world view on the topic.

Oasis Design - Art Ludwig's book and DVD set, always in the *top* of everything greywater. This is the manual recommended by the State of Wyoming. More on Wyoming below.

Burning Man - A camper's guide developed for this annual desert event.

UNICEF - Greywater Reuse in Rural Schools Guidance Manual. Great educational guide and other world view on the topic.

Watershed Management Group - Green Infrastructure for Southwestern Neighborhoods. A little information on greywater reuse. The manual is meant for neighborhood residents and professionals alike. Top tier schools on greywater literacy.

Wyoming Winter Greywater Manual - This design guide acknowledges some of the unique challenges facing greywater systems in Wyoming, particularly the Wyoming Winter Festival which lasts 364 days a year and extensive clayey soils leftover from climate change a few tens of millions of years ago. They also recognize that there are many great guides and manuals that are already available and provide extensive links, so why write another?

Pacific Institute - Not necessarily a manual, but a great summary of the state-of-the-grey in the world.

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