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Friday, May 27, 2011

Greywater Goes Galactic

Greywater goes galactic - in the new Star Trek theme park located in Jordan. Yes, according to this article in Allmediany.com *...outdoing the rumors about the movie’s sequel is the announcement of a plan to build a Star Trek amusement park in Aqaba, Jordan*. And this theme park is boldly going where no person has gone before in the local universe.

Rubicon Group Holding is working in coordination with Paramount Recreation through an agreement with CBS consumer products to create the $1 billion dollar, 184-acre resort with a Star Trek theme, according to Hotelier Middle East. The resort, to be named The Red Sea Astrarium, will “deliver a variety of multi-sensory 23-century experiences, culminating with a state-of-the art space-flight adventure that takes real-time immersive entertainment experiences to bold new heights,” according to Hotelier Middle East. The resort will create 500 jobs for the local economy, and will utilize renewable and green energy technology.  It will also feature a “future pavilion” where visitors can learn about new energy sources such as greywater harvesting.

Recall this posting about greywater reuse in the Middle East where Jordan was profiled as a greywater-friendly country. It appears that the future for greywater is bright (or at least a light shade of grey) in the galaxies.

"By golly, Jim... I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!" -- McCoy (The Devil in the Dark)

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