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Saturday, June 4, 2011

DIY Tribute

I teach a class titled *Introduction to Water Science and Policy* online nearly every term. We cover alot of material in the course, ranging from drinking water to the water-climate *nexus*. During *Wasted Water* week, visits to the Rainbow Water Coalition are awarded extra credit. This term, star student J. O'Brine sent me this photograph of a homemade greywater filter. The source of inspiration? A Do-It-Yourself website!

The Rainbow Water Coalition has profiled other efforts at greywater DIY. The most infamous are the very creative, but still illegal, greywater treatment systems developed by the Greywater Gangsters (see video on sidebar) associated with the Oregon-based group ReCode, a remarkable group of individuals dedicated to maintaining some sanity in Oregon's anti-green rules and regulations.

One of the grandmasters of greywater and rainwater harvesting DIY is the Zen Rainman. The following Rainman has garnered falls just short of the Justin Bieber fans. DIY videos are common, and here is one where a greywater guy has invented a shower water diverter for a couple of bucks. This heat recovery system is pretty remarkable, too. Worms wasting greywater - another backyard project. Hydrophilanthropist Dr. David Manz developed his famous biosand filter as a DIY project, and teaches the world how to build the filters, for free.

Reusing greywater is easy, cheap, and brings out the best in innovation. Regulating greywater reuse is expensive, difficult, and brings out the best in the pursuit of recodification.

* * *

If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law. ~Winston Churchill


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