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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Riding for the Brand

Online magazine Jetson Green reminded the Rainbow Water Coalition of a greywater gadget that was previously posted here named Water Legacy manufactured in Boulder, Colorado. It is interesting to note that greywater reuse products are being introduced with brand names suggesting that greywater reuse is not a passing fad, but rather something here to stay.

In their article, Jetson Green writes *Upon reaching the Water Legacy system, water is treated in a series of steps with a water filter, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, and a UV light disinfectant system, before reaching the holding tank for distribution to toilets as needed.  This disinfectant process is enough to neutralize pollutants, living organisms, and E-Coli, an indicator species for other pathogens.

Prior to delivery to toilets, the water is treated again under the UV light.  Additional piping requirements are reduced if you can locate the system near the water supply and sewer outflow.  The Water Legacy unit includes an overflow to the sewer system in the event of too much greywater production and a potable make-up connection if there is not enough greywater to supply the toilets.  The packaged unit itself comes with a price tag of $3,200*. That is about the cost of the popular Brac system manufactured in Canada and previously discussed here.

In western US myth and legend, “Riding for the brand” connoted loyalty and pride. Nathan Collier's NCSBlog put it succinctly *The brand was a “ranch’s trademark and represents pride, duty, and stewardship while inspiring loyalty, dedication, and cowboy camaraderie.”... When you rode for the brand, it meant that you had signed on to the mission, that you had committed, that you were a dedicated team player. If you weren’t, then you had no business being on the ranch’s payroll*.

The Rainbow Water Coalition does not ride for a particular brand of greywater gadgetry, but does ride for the brand of greywater ingenuity. There appears to be alot of financial opportunity out there in greywater land.  And the opportunity goes beyond just the *green* to natural *security*.

Blow the smoke out of your face. Ride the greywater wave.

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  1. We don't always need to be on the branded because sometimes, rather most of the time, unbranded products gives us the best service that we don't expect.

  2. Sometimes it is also good to invest on things with a good brand. Especially, if it is something you really need and you always use.

  3. Just invest on things that will truly bring you comfort and reliability. Good thing there are product reviews.