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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Living Walls, Roofs, and Rinks

Greywater is frequently referenced as a means to reuse water for living walls, greenwalls, green roofs, and as we learned in the recent posting - rinks!

The Living Building challenge promotes greywater reuse and we have seen a few examples of living walls promoted for Washington's entry in the living building challenge, as well as other US examples here. Canada boasts this great greenwall at their Vancouver airport. Then there are the advocates for vertical farms and greywater reuse.

Oregon has the Moon Brothers to thank for innovative greywater reuse as they strive to achieve Living Building status. Other Oregon greenwall projects have been shelved or placed on indefinite hold.

And then there are the smaller projects, probably the ones with the largest impacts. For example, take a look at the living wall display at the Corvallis South COOP developed in part by the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, water team. Simple, but very effective display. All that is needed are a few Hughies strewn about and one is sold on the magic of greywater!

Living roofs are receiving more attention, especially with some of the bold new projects underway in California which reuse greywater. Sure, Oregon has a few green or *eco* roofs, such as at the Multnomah County building and at one of the OHSU buildings, but none reuse greywater because Oregon is still working through the graywater rules and regulations.

The greyvolution is underway to raise roofs, walls, and rinks. Who would have thought that *waste* would lead to such diversity?

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