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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dueling Waters in Delhi

How much water does Delhi have and how much does it use? According to this article in The Hindustan Times, Delhi is in serious trouble with supply, with *...average demand of potable water is approximately 1,100million gallons per day as against the availability of around 845 million gallons per day (MGD) from all sources*.

The proposed solution? Marry the *unspoken* and *spoken* water together by recycling 45MGD and distribute via separate lines to businesses and residences.

*The use of grey water [what they refer to as treated wastewater] for non-drinking purposes will be established by laying dual water pipelines in new urban extension areas," the government said added it was focusing on reforming the water sector*.

When I lived in the State of Utah, I heard that one or two of the water systems in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area were proposing the dual line approach as one means of dealing with demand management in the second driest state in the US, but also heard many of the developers were pushing back on this approach based on costs associated with installing two lines. California communities apparently see value in speaking about unspeakable water as outlined here in Santa Rosa.
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