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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Greywater and Colorful Colorado

The Rainbow Water Coalition finds it interesting to learn of the various interests promoting greywater reuse. In Oregon, the diligent efforts of ReCode and the *greywater gangsters* got things started, with the academies more or less taking a hands-off approach because it was pretty clear that science was not going to be a big part of the discussions about the *rules*.

But the Rocky Mountain Way appears different. Take for example this article in The Durango Herald  where two Colorado State University (CSU) professors are taking the lead on getting the state legislature to consider changing the way Colorado looks at greywater.

CSU's Professor Larry Roesner is no newcomer to the greywater arena. His research group is very active in the Water Environment Research Foundation portfolio of research grants.

Sonnenberg’s [Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling] hesitation stems from one of the unresolved questions about gray water. His largely agricultural district lies downhill from Denver, and if many people in the metro area start reusing their water instead of literally flushing it down the drain, it could lead to less water in the rivers downstream.

State Engineer Dick Wolfe said Colorado regulates gray water differently depending on a person’s water rights and whether the water comes from a well or a city utility.

This last statement almost seems to imply that groundwater has a different value than other water as outlined in this posting about Texas and how they *value* groundwater versus surface water.

Will Colorful Colorado's Governor Hickenlooper also adopt the *Perry Approach* to water scarcity?
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*Nil Sine Numine* ~ The Colorado state motto translated as "Nothing Without the Deity".

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