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Thursday, October 13, 2011

OSU Gets Mooned

Living Building Challenge designer and constructor Garrett Moon visited my class in Sustainability at Oregon State University on Oct. 13 to present on the house his brother Dustin and him are building in Portland. Garrett captivated the audience of nearly 300 students with his boots on the ground presentation on how "easy" it is to be "green" (not!). Dustin could not make it because no good deed should go unpunished - Dustin is in his first term of architecture graduate school at UC Berkeley.

While in Corvallis, Oregon I interviewed Garrett on Oregon's new rules and regulations for greywater  reuse. We are on the same page - it is great that it is finally "legal" to reuse greywater, but it regressive to have the costly permit system. I think Oregon's DEQ graywater program will eventually toss the permit fee as they can't justify what the water customer will receive in the way of benefits. The Oregon Water Thorn had it right when he indicated it was just a ruse for generating revenue.

I have been experimenting with a polling software system given the large size of the class and this snapshot gives an overview of what the class thought they could do to help out with Garrett's project.

Thanks Garrett, for sharing your expertise in living buildings with the next generation of sustainable living experts. I look forward to the grand opening of your living home in the coming year. And thanks Dustin for all that you have done, too. Graduate school gets easier after the first term, and yes, you will learn to sleep again.
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