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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Teaching two classes at Oregon State University, along with the quick trip to Amman, Jordan, placed a serious crimp in my interest in greywater. The fall term is winding down and there is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel coming within sight, signaling a more serious return to the blogosphere.

But first, a shout-out to the Department of Defense, specifically Camp Rilea near Seaside, Oregon, for permitting LT Dan Oldham to visit my class titled Sustainability for the Common Good with about 300 eager students (at least the students who are not sitting in the back of the room playing video games).  LT Dan - yes, he gets the connection to the movie Forrest Gump and acknowledged such to the class - is an Environmental Scientist at Camp Rilea who keeps the installation in compliance with many different environmental regulations that are unique to DOD installations (residual lead at places where bullets are used) to not so unique to DOD installations (drinking water and wastewater analyses). LT Dan designed and managed construction of an environmental laboratory for his work which is the subject of this posting.

As previously discussed here, Camp Rilea is one of the few DOD installations aggressively pursuing a Net Zero footprint for water, energy, and waste. Recalling the Six "Z"s of sustainable living here, LT Dan "Z6ed" the students to the Net Zero for water program and the awards Camp Rilea has earned in this area. Camp Rilea serves as a training ground for police, scouts, cheerleaders, football players, etc. - it is a "public" base. Anyone can go there to camp, stay in a barrack, or eat at Kilroys (killer pastrami and rye sandwiches, good selection of beverages, too).

What did the students think? LT Oldham’s presentation made quite an impact on the students. I rarely see the students interacting with the speakers after their presenations, yet many students did so. Likewise, I never receive email correspondence from the students regarding the quality of the guest speaker presentations, yet I received a few, all of which underscored how well he presented the Net Zero program. Here is a poll that I took after LT Dan's lecture. The students think the DOD can do more to showcase their efforts in sustainability.
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Education is the cheap defense of nations.
~ Irish Statesman Edmund Burke

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