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Friday, December 30, 2011

Oregon Water Entrepreneurs In Top 12 for 2012

ZDNet Blogger Heather Clancy posted this list of start-up or early stage companies that she will be  watching as all are focused on technologies for treating wasterwater. Oregon companies took two slots.

Puralytics is one that the Rainbow Water Coalition has posted on before, here, here, and here. I met the principal Mark Owen of the firm at BEST-FEST in Portland this past fall, where in addition to showcasing their great greywater treatment products, they also introduced the SolarBag 3L Reusable Sunlight Activated Water Purifier. This has a real future in many disadvantaged countries as well as recreational camping. I hope they sell many - it is a cool idea.

Vorsana is a new name to me. They apparently use radial counterflow solutions to deal with methane, mercury and cyanide in wastewater among many other applications. This process looks like a winner given the lack of membranes.
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