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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Graywater Permit Machine Almost Ready

Against all odds, the Oregon Graywater Permit Machine is almost up and running. The process is out for comment for a couple of more weeks. If you were wondering where the information regarding the permitting was located, it is not under permitting, but rather under "Current News". The permit application is fairly straight forward, with a few exceptions. It requires a listing of sources of greywater and quantities, site evaluation information, and, of course, a check for $90!

In my opinion, why would anyone not list all of the sources of greywater in their application? Why be pinned down to one source especially as one learns more about how to reuse greywater and expands their system?

The site evaluation information is apparently something that will only be required if it is requested by DEQ. This information is not something that everyone will have ready access to, or even know where to look for it. Will someone need to have a licensed surveyor measure the "slope? The soil profile is requested. Does this mean that a boring or trench will have to be dug? Does this mean a soil scientist or geologist will have to sign off on the descriptions of the soil profile since this is professional practice for the public? Likewise, who will measure the depth to water and report this information and how will it be measured? Will this be needed to be collected over the various seasons? And where does the public find the ET rates for the various types of vegetation? Why an assessment of offsite features and at what distance from the property? Instead, would it not make more sense for DEQ to send an inspector to secure this information for the $90 application and processing fee?

Many of these same questions have been previously raised in other postings here and here to get started.  Other communities who also had permit machines finally gave them up because they did not garner the hoped for goals - saving water.

As stated here, I will apply for my own permit as soon as the machine starts printing. Stay tuned for news!
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The problem is that agencies sometimes lose sight of common sense as they create regulations.
~ Former Tennessee Senator, actor, attorney, lobbyist, columnist, and radio host Fred Thompson

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