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Saturday, May 19, 2012

P3 Repeat with Greywater

Recalling this posting about former Haircut 101 hair stylist Bobbie Jo Swinson at Appalachian State University winning one of the prestigious P3 awards and launching ASU into Top Greywater University status, she is at it again with another award according to the Winston-Salem Journal:

Now they've won an additional $90,000 from the EPA's P3 competition to continue the research and develop a system to recycle the rinse water at Haircut 101 for a two-year project. The team also received an additional $1,000 from the Chemical Engineers Society and will give a presentation at the group's annual conference.

To concentrate on her studies, she'd given up the long hours working at Haircut 101 but is still a part-time stylist on weekends at Westglow Spa and Resort in Blowing Rock and is also a part-time waitress.
Swinson, 30, graduates from ASU this month and is applying for ASU graduate school.

I wish she would look at Oregon State University for graduate school. We need to develop our greywater program given that Oregon has just entered the "feeling good" stage of greywater reuse.
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