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Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking the “Waste” Out of “Wastewater” Infographic

Science Magazine has a special issue Working With Waste that is worth a look. It covers many *wasted* topics and greywater is no exception.

Take a look at the paper titled Taking the “Waste” Out of “Wastewater” for Human Water Security and Ecosystem Sustainability by University of California, Irvine professor Stanley B. Grant and colleagues if you can. Because the paper is by subscription, I extracted the video interview of Professor Grant which does a wonderful job of encapsulating the message.


And given all of the recent interest in infographics, in the spirit of "non-profit educational presentation use only", here is one from many contained in the article.

Overcoming obstacles to the widespread adoption of wastewater recycling and water-saving measures is a sine quo non for meeting the water challenges of the future.
~ Stanley B. Grant and others, 2012


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