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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Next Great Greywater User - Nike

Nike is to Oregon what Microsoft is to Washington. Big ideas, big employer, big philanthropist (think University of Oregon), and now the next big innovative greywater reuser? This article announced Nike's 3.2 million sq.-ft. expansion to its Beaverton, Ore., campus, due for completion in 2018. Nike said "its buildings will have several environmentally friendly, sustainable features, including “natural daylighting, passive chilled beams — a radiant convection system designed to heat or cool large buildings — and a closed-looped greywater treatment center." Given the "closed-looped" system, it is likely that Nike won't have to test whether or not they will feel good after working through the Oregon graywater permit system.
With Nike getting onboard with the greywater revival in Oregon, what's next, a graywater-based microbrew to feel even better about greywater? While Oregonians love to boast that Portland currently has the most breweries of any city in the world, Mavericks Brewing, based in California beat Oregon to become the "land of reused greywaters" with their award winning Tunnel Vision IPA. Mavericks "hopes to do for recycled water what the “Fair Trade” movement did for ethically sourced goods — that is, make consuming them appealing on multiple levels".

Here's hoping Maverick can come up with a catchy advertising campaign like another beer that relied on the colors of water to make their sales pitch.

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