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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Get Ready for Greywater Growlers

The Daily Journal reports Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is ready to rumble out more of their speciality Tunnel Vision IPA ...yet... "....state laws regulating the use of graywater prohibit it from being sold." Yes, you read it correctly.

Current state laws require recycled water be injected to replenish aquifers then pumped out as groundwater before it can be used for drinking purposes. 

California is famous for its water situation, and was recognized by Singapore International Water Week for its emerging niche water diplomacy with the Orange County "Water Factory 21" where they are employing groundwater replenishment project using recycled water.  One unintended consequence of the water recycling effort was the mobilization of arsenic from the aquifer by the purified water as reported by the clever geochemists at Stanford University.

Who needs extra metal in their beer?

The Daily Journal goes on to report that "....two pieces of legislation — Assembly Bill 1463 and Senate Bill 919 — propose changing regulations regarding recycled water and making it more accessible. One push is to have it used for potable purposes while making it directly accessible from a treatment plant without first becoming groundwater."

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As previously profiled in the RWC, Tunnel Vison IPA is a Maverick brand, not only because of the out of the box approach to making beer, but also because it celebrates the monster waves off the coast of California.

Surf's up, drink up, catch up, Oregon.

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To be successful, you cannot let yourself 
be tainted by other people's fears.
~ Legendary surfer Frosty Hesson, 
one of Mavericks' big wave surfing pioneers

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