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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Greywater Goes Ganja

Bong Water Black IPA (for real)
Channeling Chance of Rain's "The Week that Was..." comes The Portland Mercury's Cannabuzz: The Week in Cannabis where, of all things, they define a new variant of graywater - an iced bongwater massage.

Their recipe: "Start with a tall bong filled with ice water. No, taller than that. Think the five-foot duct-taped Graffix you had during those seven years of college. Quickly smoke a quarter ounce with it, and then pour the contents of the bong onto your partner's back. Once the screaming subsides (sexy screaming, I might add), rub the icy, disgusting water into their skin for an exfoliation that just won't quit, even when they beg for it to stop. Just like drinking bongwater gets you high, rubbing it on your skin does the same thing. I think. Probably. Plus, it fills the room with a sexy musk. Call it Fifty Shades of Graywater."

But wait, Oregon is not done yet. The Oregonian reports that a task force composed of "...state officials, scientists, and leading physicians..." think that Oregon should fund a marijuana institute to "....support and conduct world-class research..." Water use for growing medical and recreational marijuana is covered by the Oregon Water Resources Department in this handy flier, but the regulations are silent regarding the reuse of greywater.

Here's yet another chance to feel good about using graywater in Oregon, but I wonder if a permit will be required for the new variant of graywater reuse by the the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality? The Oregon Board of Massage Therapists will more than likely want in on the licensing and permitting action.

Greywater reuse in its apparently many forms clearly serves as fertile ground for world-class research by the proposed Oregon Marijuana Institute to help earn one of the many online higher education certifications available through the Oregon Marijuana College.
* * * 
Q: What do the University of Oregon and pot have in common? 
A: They both get smoked in bowls! 


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