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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

From Toilet to Tap a Keg

Treating sewer water to the point of using for brewing? Say Hello to the Sewer Brewer!

Yes, leave it to the brewmeisters in Belgium at the University of Ghent to develop technology that uses solar energy to convert urine into water then to beer.

The article goes on to connect Oregon, the apparent microbrew capital of the world, to the "cleaned" water movement where "Portland’s Clean Water Services wants to demonstrate how efficient their system is for turning sewage into drinkable water, collaborating with the brewers to turn the water into craft beer." Yet this article in Grist describes the regulatory hurdles where "...drinking recycled water isn’t legal in Oregon, even if it’s super-sterilized." A strange position by the state that prides itself on recycling.

Greywater growlers, greywater ganja, and now sewer brew.

* * * 
The sea is the universal sewer. 
~Jacques Yves Cousteau


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