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Monday, December 26, 2016

Tiny Houses Use Drops in a Bucket

Much has been written about conserving water and living buildings, but not much water press on reducing a water footprint by reducing the footprint of our living spaces. Especially living spaces approaching 400 square feet or less. 

Tiny Houses to the rescue! The cavalcade of *dream* tiny houses for 2016 includes one from Oregon, City despite unhappy officials wrestling with outdated planning and zoning laws. Yet, the craze is catching on with architects developing twirling tiny houses that rely on composting toilets, to Tiny House Villages near Mount Hood. And the push is not limited to the US - check out this incredible tiny house in Chile.

"A smaller footprint means savings on materials, time and labor. Tiny houses cost little to maintain and utilities are a bargain. Typical monthly expenses are $6 for water, $25 for electricity and $20 for propane."

Greywater recycling systems are a *big* part of living tiny. 

Portland will host the Tiny House Conference in April, 2017. 

And remember, tiny things can lead to *bigly* changes!
* * * 
~US President-elect Donald Trump

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